Booty McButt

Daughter of Calistria


What happens when a preteen looses two years of her life, and wakes up a woman?


As all novice nuns at the Temple of Calistria, Booty was named for her ample… assets. Booty is a sister-of-the-cloth to the famous heroine: Busty McBoobs.

All female novices are trained to be fierce warriors, both for the glory of Calistria, as well as for their own safety. Many of the rites used to please their goddess leave the nuns up for harassment. Be warned, messing with a Daughter of Calistria is not an offense repeated a second time. Monks of Calistria are castrated before entering service, and are chosen for their mental prowess, rather than physical.

Most Daughters of Calistria are firstborn daughters. Infant females are routinely left at the alter of Calistria in hopes that the goddess will bless the family with male children. Weak female infants given as sacrifice are seen as an abomination to Calistria, and are said to bring sterility to both mother and father. Only the strong are acceptable for the goddess’ use.

It is because of this that the only truth we know of Booty’s background is that she is a firstborn daughter. The only mother she has ever known is her goddess.

Booty McButt

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