Eld Fen?

Eld Fen Eld Fen Eld Fen Eld Fen Eld Fen


“It was already old when it began to see. Towering above the silence, the water, the mud, and the wind.
Its natures and forms faded and fallen from the world.
The wet beasts in the muck falling from it even now, sliding down toward the ancient dark, thick and cold.
The things that hide, the things that become the dark, the things that hunt and eat and dream, they hear him now, moving, preparing to rise.
The oldest of them all, the end of sleep, the end of light, the one they fear.
The one they hear in the rising of the wind.
The one they call the end. The one they call Eld Fen.”


Eld Fen?

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