"My you're a tall one!"


Gearshift was in trouble. Doom Lord Kazzak was attempting to open ANOTHER portal to Outland. While the mages of Nethergrade Keep had sent word to Stormwind ahead of Gear’s arrival, he knew they were still a fair griffin ride from the Blasted Lands, even with their swift mounts. His mana was low after the battles on the Broken Isle and his health wasn’t the best either. But he had to step up.

Kazzak was channeling fel energy into the dark portal, he laughed manically as the portal slowly came to life. He stretched his hand further forward and pulsed out wave after wave of fel. It wouldn’t be long now, The Burning Legion would have another assault point soon.

Suddenly a fireball erupted by his head engulfing his vision and stumbling the Doom Lord back.

Gear screamed “It ends today Kazzak!”
“I will bring you down! The Legion has no hold here!”

Kazzak spat out “Trifling gnome! You arrogance will be your death this day!”

The battle began, Kazzak was a skilled mage himself, firing bolts of fel energy at Gearshift from every angle, it took all his concentration to Blink around the attacks.
Gear fired back with a volley of Arcane missles, followed by a swift Fire Blast to the head of the demon. Kazzak roared, and grabbed at the mage. Gear was able to escape the hands of the Doom Lord, and froze him in place with a Frost Nova. Kazzak burned the land with fel, and was able to clip Gearshift with his wing.

Gear fell, the Doom Lord’s fist wrapped his body, as wave after wave of fel energy began to engulf him
Kazzak laughed “Ha ha ha, it’s over now mortal, you will be remembered as the Mage who fought for nothing!”

Gearshift blinked out as the last wave of fel energy barely missed him. He summoned all his power and his eyes began to glow with a fiery yellow hue. Suddenly a massive Pyroblast shot forth from his hands and buried into Kazzak, exploding and knocking the demon to ground by the Dark Portal.

Gearshift’s eyes came back to their normal color, he fashioned an Ice Lance in his hand within an instance. He stared at the fallen demon

“For the Alliance!”

Gearshift raised his hand to throw the lance at the Doom Lord. He motioned it forward as the lance began to race toward Kazzak’s face. It vaporized.

Kazzak’s mage armor shattered as he laughed

“Looks like you’ll need some more training little mage! Let’s see if the Orc’s of Outland can teach you what you still lack!”

Kazzak thrust his hands forward, and the portal grew and pulsed with life. A vortex formed and the green energy within the portal raced and swirled with power. Before Gearshift could react a violent pulse emerged and overtook him

When his vision returned, he found himself stripped of his armor, weapons, even his magic seemed, weakened. Perhaps, different. He looked around and saw he was in a cage. He tried to shake the bars of his prison, but nothing came of it.

He sat down with a sigh
HACKS! I call hacks!” he yelled


City of Delusion Gearshift