Gippida "Gippi" Grippli

Rana Waasa-Inaabidaa Garcon Grenouille Chal al Dafdae Beka Sopatkah Chura Kaeru d'Iygushka Qingwa Frosch Gaeguli Llyffant Frog Rannocio


“The fastest frog in the bog”


Gippi grew up in The Bayou raised by his mother and father as they ran the family’s brewery. A member of the 12th generation of his family to run the Brewery, Gippi was looking at a life of relative peace and quiet in the marshy lands of The Bayou.

All of that changed when there was an explosion at the brewery. Gippi was knocked out and remembers nothing until he woke in a dark cell and was told frightening things about his past. In addition, he seems to have acquired quite a talent for killing with projectiles.

Gippida "Gippi" Grippli

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