Septuos Thracus

The Hedge Historian


Septuos Thracus decided in his childhood that we wanted to be a historian, an odd choice in a land where even day to day life has the feel of urban legend. His choice of career has set him aside from the average citizen of The City, who mostly regard him with suspicion.

That he has been largely unsuccessful in his attempts to write accurate histories is understandable for a boy who grew up in the lowers wards of a city built upon mystery and myth.

His self-described “magnum opus” is The World Imperiled, (longer title: The World Imperiled And The Seven Who Rode Out To Save It: An account of the Seven Heroes of The City, and their Live and Backgrounds; including the details of Their Tragic Sacrifice to Save us All). This book has recently been proven to be filled with unconfirmed rumor and hearsay, and it’s credibility destroyed by the return of it’s “tragic” heroes.

Septuos’ confidence in his abilities as a historian has taken a serious blow, complicated by the fact that even the heroes themselves don’t know the true story.


Septuos Thracus

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